2AM’s JoKwon Takes A Sneaky Picture of Jinwoon Fast Asleep

2AM member JoKwon recently took a sneaky photo with Jinwoon while he was fast asleep!

On December 27, JoKwon shared the photo to his Instagram with the caption, “#JungJinwoon #JoKown, Jinwoon-nim, how long you going to be asleep for? :-(”

In the photo, Jinwoon is fast asleep with earphones on while JoKwon adorably sticks his head in the middle of the heart-shaped back of the sofa to look at Jinwoon imploringly like a puppy wanting to play. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “JoKwon is so cute!!”“I think Jinwoon really is fast asleep” and “Jinwoon, hurry and wake up!”

In related news, 2AM released its third mini-album “Nocturne” last month on November 27 and is currently busy with its promotional activities.