Lee Min Ho Talks About Kim Bum’s Boyfriend Style: “He’s Similar to Kim Tan”

Actor Lee Min Ho, who finished filming for the much hyped SBS drama “The Heirs,” opened up about Kim Bum and his romance in an interview.

Regarding Kim Bum’s relationship with actress Moon Geun Young, which was reported to have started after both filmed for the MBC drama “Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi,” Lee Min Ho shared, “I had no idea.”

“Both Kim Bum and I were very busy with filming [our separate dramas] so we weren’t able to keep in contact. I congratulated him, and Kim Bum is quite the man. His romance style is similar to Kim Tan’s.”

Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum both rose to fame through KBS drama “Boys Before Flowers” in 2009, which quickly swept Korea up in a “flower boy” frenzy. Kim Bum played one of the four iconic flower boys So Yi Jung while Lee Min Ho played the group’s leader Gu Jun Pyo.

In similar news, the U.S. recently released a remake of “Boys Before Flowers.”