Rain Reveals Teasers for 2nd Title Track “LA SONG”

Rain has released a second set of teaser images for his second title track, “La Song,” off his upcoming album, “Rain Effect.” They come after the earlier release of images for his other title track, “30 Sexy.”

In contrast to the sleeker image of the “30 Sexy” teasers, Rain is dressed in a hippier style with a faded jean jacket and colorful bandana. “La song” is said to be a mix of the genres of hip-hop, electronic, and latin jazz. It will have an intro part reminiscent of a Western fantasy movie, vintage drum beats, and a strong brass line amp up Rain’s unique vocals.

rain la song teaser 1

Along with the teaser images, Rain also included the message “tomorrow………11:59 am teaser,” meaning we can expect more from the King of K-Pop soon! Stay tuned!