Gong Yoo Goes Unnoticed at Late Night Movie Screening

Actor Gong Yoo from the recent box office hit “The Suspect” went unnoticed at the movie theatres as he took a selca shot for his fans.

The photo was released on his agency’s Twitter page along with the message, “The last day of 2013, Actor Gong Yoo’s precious selca photo and comments have arrived! My first 4DX is ‘The Suspect.’ The best part of 4DX is the car chase scenes. Today, I watched a movie without anyone noticing.”

In the picture, we see Gong Yoo disguised well in a black hat, gloves and a jacket. Even though there are people in the background, it seems they really didn’t notice him.

Gong Yoo’s new action thriller movie “The Suspect” has been doing very well at the box office since its release on December 24 and has sold close to 2 million tickets. You can watch the trailer below.