Lee Jong Suk and After School’s Nana Are Twins?

On the January 1 episode of “Night of TV Entertainment,” one reporter analyzed the likeness of Lee Jong Suk and After School Nana’s facial features.

Lee Jong Suk and Nana both have mono lids, thin lips, the same birthday, the same blood type (type A), and just an overall similar face.

In an interview, Nana said in wonder, “I have a twin brother.. To tell the truth, we also go to the same salon. Whenever we get makeup done together, it always surprises me. We even both have moles by our eyes. Our similarity surprises our makeup artists, too.”

Last year, Lee Jong Suk and Nana had even shot a photo shoot together with a doppelgänger concept.

Checkout the photo below!

lee jong suk nana