“Hot-Blooded Youth” Movie Stills Starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young Released

Preview stills from Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young’s latest movie “Hot-Blooded Youth,” also known as “Blood Boiling Youth,” are released!

“Hot-Blooded Youth” is a romantic comedy flick set in 1982 where certain crazy events shake up the community of Chungcheong-do province. The plot follows the lives of four high school students, played by Park Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Se Young and Kim Young Kwang as they go on to figure out romance and life. 

Park Bo Young plays the character of a gangster chick, Lee Jong Suk takes on the role of Casanova, Lee Se Young will assume the role of a beautiful transfer student from Seoul and Kim Young Kwang will take on the role of a gangster. 

“Hot-Blooded Youth” will hit theaters on January 23.