Watch the Making of Son Dambi’s “Red Candle” Music Video

After a little over a year, Son Dambi made a comeback in last December with the song, “Red Candle.” Now, we have a chance to see the behind the scenes production of the music video.

The singer opened up by stating, “I can agree with many of the themes. On the outside I look very fancy and glamorous, but on the inside I’m sad, depressed, and dark.” The behind the scenes show how the singer fully digested her role as a celebrity who, despite living the glamorous life, is saddened by an inner emptiness.

For the music video filming, Son Dambi confidently walked out in public, wearing eye catching attire, while ignoring the cold winter weather. Furthermore, the singer was shown to always be in a good mood, laughing with staff and creating a positive atmosphere.

Such behind the scenes footage is important as it conveys the planning and effort by both the singer and the staff to formulate an artistically visual and meaningful music video.

Check out the making for the music video below, and also check out the music video for “Red Candle.”