Gary and Song Ji Hyo Are Jealous of Each Other’s Partner on “Running Man”

Even when apart and with different partners, the connection between the Monday Couple remains strong.

On this week’s episode of “Running Man,” each member of the show was paired with a guest, separating, to the dismay of many fans, Monday Couple Song Ji Hyo and Gary. Gary was paired with Rainbow’s Jaekyung, while Song Ji Hyo was paired with her “Fugitive of Joseon” partner Lee Dong Wook. Each pair was sent to different locations around Korea to learn food recipes and gather fresh ingredients.

While at their respective locations, Gary called Song Ji Hyo, picking her as the partner he wanted from another pair on “Running Man” this week. He was able to get a hold of her on his second call, and when Song Ji Hyo asked, “Where are you?” Gary answered, “In your heart.” 

When Song Ji Hyo asked who his partner was, Gary responded, “Why, are you jealous it might be a girl?” Song Ji Hyo, answered a bit sarcastically, “Yes, I am jealous.”

Gary also asked where Song Ji Hyo’s partner was, as well as if he was good looking. When Song Ji Hyo answered yes, Gary became a bit pouty, saying, “How can you say he is handsome so quickly?” After getting another hint that her partner was an actor, Gary became even more depressed. He asked to talk to her partner so he can tell him what Song Ji Hyo likes and dislikes. Song Ji Hyo replied to Gary there was no need because her partner, “Knows her as well as he does.”

It seems Gary should not watch this episode of “Running Man” on his own as it showed Song Ji Hyo running happily to her partner, Lee Dong Wook, when she first saw him by the seaside.

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