Gong Yoo’s “The Suspect” Hits 3 Million Viewers Faster than Won Bin’s “The Man from Nowhere”

The Suspect” has succeeded in reaching the 3 million viewership mark.

Showbox Media Plex reps commented, “On January 5 at around 2PM, ‘The Suspect’ reached 3,554,400 viewers.”

In just three days after its release, ‘The Suspect’ reached the 1 million mark and in eight days after release, the film brought in 2 million viewers.

This 3 million viewer record was reached faster than Won Bin‘s “The Man From Nowhere,” which hit the 3 million mark in 17 days. Furthermore, “The Suspect” is ranking high in the box office, winning over strong Hollywood contenders such as “About Time” and “Ender’s Game.”

“The Suspect” is an action thriller starring Gong Yoo, who plays the role of Ji Dong Chul, a man who lost his family and seeks revenge on those who killed them. This is Gong Yoo’s big screen return in two years since his success with “The Crucible.

“The Suspect” also stars Park Hee Soon, Jo Sung Ha, Yoo Da In, Jo Jae Yoon and Kim Sung Kyun.

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