Lee Jong Suk Was Scared of a School Gangster Nuna’s Love

Lee Jong Suk recently shared several stories about his past school days.

On January 5, Lee Jong Suk was a guest on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” along with his “Boiling Youth” co-star Park Bo Young.

“Boiling Youth” is set in a high school located in the Choongchung Province and is a love story between a casanova male student and a school gangster female student. Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young, who play those high school students, opened up about their actual school days.

Lee Jong Suk admitted, “I didn’t even carry my books in my bag. I just carried my bag around. My hair was also long so I had to use a hair curler that girls usually use in the morning.”

When he was asked about his popularity in school, Lee Jong Suk admitted that he was quite popular. He said, “In middle school, a school gangster nuna had a crush on me. Whenever a special day came, she would give me gifts and always watch over me. I was always scared.”

On the other hand, Park Bo Young confessed, “I wasn’t really popular. I am pretty small so the male students would always view me as a younger sister.”

Meanwhile, “Boiling Youth” will hit theaters on January 23.

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