New Male Idol Group BEAT WIN Debuts with “She’s My Girl”

A new male idol group makes it debut! BEAT WIN, from Heaven Star Contents, has released the music video and track for their debut song “She’s My Girl.

BEAT WIN consists of six members including leader Sun Hyuk, Sang Gyu, Jung Ha, Young Jo, Sung Ho and Yoon Hoo. BEAT WIN has thrown over 20 concerts in Japan before their debut in Korea.

It has been known that various experts have worked together for BEAT WIN’s debut. N Company, the producing team that made Girl’s Day into big stars in 2013, has worked on BEAT WIN’s debut track. The choreography for “She’s My Girl” has been made by Prepix. BEAT WIN’s music video has been directed by Heo Nam Hoon, who has worked on Brown Eyed Girls’ music video in the past.

“She’s My Girl” is about a guy who wants to steal the heart of the girl he loves, not in a rough way but in a gentle and romantic way.

BEAT WIN’s showcase will be held on January 7, after which they will officially start promotions. The showcase will be emceed by ZE:A‘s Hwang Kwang Hee. Also, labelmates and actors Oh Ji Ho, Choi Jung Yoon and Seo Yoo Jung will also be attending the showcase to show support. It is also said that Oh Ji Ho acted as a great mentor and senior to BEAT WIN during their trainee days.

What do you think of this new group?