“Reply 1994” Do Hee Injures Arm + Gag Concert Appearance

Tiny-G’s Do Hee was injured recently while filming for a commercial.

A representative from her agency revealed, “Do Hee was injured while filming a commercial in December. It was during a scene in which she was required to throw a pool ball, and she probably over-exerted herself doing so repeatedly. Do Hee is resting and her condition has improved.”

Do Hee also appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert” on January 5, on a corner called “King of Ratings.” She transformed into foul-mouthed Yeosu girl Jo Yoon Jin, her character from “Reply 1994,” spewing satoori swear words, which earned her cheers of enthusiasm from the audience. She did look slightly uncomfortable waving her arm during her appearance.

After the broadcast ended, Do Hee uploaded a picture of herself with the “Gag Concert” comedians on her Twitter account, in which she appears wearing a cast on her right arm.

She said, “I feel embarrassed~ How was my first attempt at gag? Keke I was nervous but I enjoyed it. The unnies and oppas on ‘King of Ratings’ helped me out, so I’m thankful to them. Fighting!!! Gag concert jjang.”

Do Hee

Do Hee