New Boy Group K-Much Debuts with “Beyond the Ocean”

Home to Crayon Pop, Chrome Entertainment has officially debuted its new boy group K-Much today!

K-Much is blasting into the K-Pop music scene with its debut album “Beyond the Ocean” and its title track with “Know Nothing” (translated from the Korean). With members Loki, G.low, Kiu, Ato, and Bornus, the team is named 가물치 (meaning “snakehead fish” in Korean and stylized into English as K-Much) to express the desire of having a long career in the industry, as snakeheads are considered a healthy food eaten for long life. 

Coming from the same entertainment agency, K-Much as been the dubbed the male version of Crayon Pop. Check out the music video and track for yourself below.

K-Much will have its first debut performance through SBS MTV’s “The Show: All About K-Pop” later today.