Dal Shabet’s Subin: I Want to Learn Acting with Tiny G’s Do Hee

Perhaps it is time to see another baton pass between female idol members in the realm of acting. Dal Shabet’s Subin has expressed her desire to act with Tiny-G’s Do Hee.

Tiny-G’s Do Hee left her mark in the Korean acting scene when she showcased her smooth dialect and angry glare through her character Yoon Jin in tvN’s “Reply 1994.” Recently, Dal Shabet’s Subin showed praise to the Tiny-G member, and expressed her own desires to grow in the field of acting.

Dal Shabet held their showcase for their 7th mini album “B.B.B” on January 8.

At the showcase, Subin stated, “In the future, if an opportunity for acting is given, I will do my best and work hard. Recently, I became friends with Do Hee. That’s why I want to learn acting with Do Hee. Unlike people of her age, Do Hee is really great at her dialect accent.” In a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, the singer shared how she had the chance to be the character of Yoon Jin on “Reply 1994,” but was eventually dropped from the role.

Dal Shabet’s new song, “B.B.B (Big Baby)” is about a lover who changes over time. As the girls return with a new song and concept, fans can anticipate seeing more of the member dipping their feet in acting.