TVXQ Yunho Lived with Reply 1994 Actor Son Ho Joon

TVXQ Yunho has revealed his close relationship with drama Reply 1994’s actor Son Ho Joon.

On January 9, DBSK Yunho and Changmin had appeared on SBS Power FM radio show “Cultwo Show.” He stated that he had lived with Son Ho Joon during his high school years. He has maintained this friendship throughout the years even when they went on their separate paths in the entertainment field. Yunho had continued by stating that Son Ho Joon’s last four numbers of his cellular phone number is the same as his last four digits of cellular phone number.

Yunho added that Son Ho Joon and he shared the same dream of entering the entertainment field in their trainee years. During this period of his life, Son Ho Joon bought him meals more often than he did. Yunho lastly added that when he became more successful during his early twenties; the role of buying meals had changed. He bought Son Ho Joon meals more often. Yunho agreed with Son Ho Joon’s statement to the newspaper of “Yunho had taken care of and raised me”. Yunho stated that statement was true by adding “Son Ho Joon is my hyung, but he is also like my son”.

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