Actor Lee Jun Ki Arrived Safely in Shanghai

Actor Lee Jun Ki revealed his recent location to his fans through a photograph.

On January 10, through his Twitter account, Lee Jun Ki left a cute photograph with the inscription “I have arrived safely to Shanghai. I am sorry to have worried you and thank you for your concerns. Please have an exciting Friday (Bul-Guem)!”

In Korean, Bul-Geum is a shorten phrase from “Bul Tae Nnum Geum Yo El”. In English translation which is “The Friday which is burning hot”. This statement is used among the young generation which means just have a Friday or weekend which is fun, exciting, and crazy. Like how Westerns use “hump-day” to describe the day of the week. For the readers who do not know what “hump-day” is; it is Wednesday. The day which is in the middle of the whole week.

In the photo, Lee Jun Ki made a cute victory sign while showing the beautiful scenery of the building in Shang Hai through his hotel window. Lee Jun Ki also displayed his unique sense of style, through his interesting design in his watch and ring.

Lee Jun Ki plans to hold a fan meeting in Shanghai on January 11.

Lee Jun Ki