Lee Jong Suk Receives Plaque of Appreciation for Lending His Voice for a Good Cause

On January 11, the handsome star made an appearance at the “Kind Voice Festival” held in Coex Hall, Gangnam. The event celebrated the project “Kind Library Project Season 3” organized by Standard Chartered Korea, which produced Korea’s first audio guide containing commentary on 500 art pieces. Ordinary citizens have lent their voices for the project, meant to provide the visually impaired with a unique way of experiencing art.

During the event, Lee Jong Suk got up on the stage to give a short demonstration of a piece titled “Experience Paintings through Our Ears.” To thank him for his participation, he was handed the Plaque of Appreciation by Standard Chartered Korea’s CEO Richard Hill

Fans could not help noticing Lee Jong Suk’s hair color, which has continued to make this handsome star stand out everywhere.