Rain, Ailee, Dal Shabet Comeback Stages on SBS Inkigayo 01.12.14

This week on SBS “Inkigayo,” artists Rain, Ailee, and Dal Shabet held their long-awaited comeback stages.

Rain performed his double titles “30Sexy” and “La Song,” breaking the dry spell of a long four-year wait on “Inkigayo.” He has already won number one with these songs this past Thursday on “M!Countdown” (“30Sexy”) and “Music Bank” (“La Song”), and we can definitely expect him to be the nominees for no.1 next on “Inkigayo.”

Rain singing “La Song”:

Rain singing “30Sexy”:

Ailee sang “Singing Got Better,” which is another collaboration from Ailee and Wheesung, the pair that brought you Ailee”s debut song, “Heaven.” With track and lyrics composed by Wheesung, “Singing Got Better” is a rock ballad that tells the story of a woman slowly finding comfort in song over a breakup. It was written before Wheesung went to the army, and has finally surfaced after three years. 

Dal Shabet performed “B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)” from their new mini album of the same name.The song is an electronic pop track with lyrics that describes the changing nature of a man a woman loves and was produced by Shinsadong Tiger.

Ailee and Dal Shabet were interviewed together for their comebacks.

We can expect a comeback stage from B1A4 next week!


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