Photos of Hyun Bin as a Rookie Actor Revealed

SOOMPIERS, have you ever wondered how actor Hyun Bin looked in his early stage of his career?

MBC “Section TV Entertainment” had a segment which focused on the early stages of current famous and popular celebrities. The segment covered the lives of the celebrities when they were unknown to the general public. Out of the many celebrities, Hyun Bin was featured in this segment of the show.

The released video clip was an interview for boy band Shinhwa’s member Kim Dong Wan. The interview had Kim Dong Wan showing off his Taekwondo skills, and Hyun Bin was there as a Taekwondo assistant. This was way before “My Lovely Sam Soon” or “Secret Garden” so Hyun Bin was just an unknown then.  At one point during the clip, Hyun Bin had to hold a metal tray for Kim Dong Wan to kick. Hyun Bin was unable to control his surprised expression as Kim Dong Wan’s foot moved towards him. 

Would anyone have guessed that this unknown Taekwondo assistant would one day become one of the biggest celebrities in Korea? 

Hyun Bin