KARA’s Kang Ji Young Will Not Renew Contract with DSP

Local news source Sports Chosun is reporting that Kara member Kang Ji Young has no plans to re-sign with DSP Media. According to a source inside the industry, Kang Ji Young has made the final decision to leave Kara, and has sent a ” I have no intention to re-sign” contents certification. 

Sports Chosun also interviewed Kang Ji Young’s father, Kang Gun Wook through the telephone, who reported that “We have sent the contents certification. Before that, we notified DSP Media that we will send it. While we are separating, I thought it was right that we end on good terms so that is why we proceeded in that manner.”

Kang Gun Wook also stated, “Before we sent the contents certification, we expressed our stance numerous times. The agency has not shown any particular reaction to it. Truthfully, we thought that when DSP Media released its statement about Nicole, there would be something about Ji Young too. It may be that the agency still has some lingering attachment to Ji Young.”

Kang Gun Wook explained that his daughter made such a decision since she has other dreams beside group activities. He stated, “Ji Young had a hard time while promoting as Kara. Since she was in the group as the youngest for seven years, she couldn’t do things she wanted. She is still young, and has a lot of things she wants to do. Since she had to fulfill her duties as the youngest, Kang Ji Young couldn’t challenge new things or purse her dreams individually.”

Kang Ji Young’s father continued, “While she could certainly earn a lot of money as part of Kara in the next 2-3 years, money is not what is important. Because I thought I should help my daughter do what she truly wanted too, we decided to leave DSP.”

About Kang Ji Young’s future, her father stated, “It is not time to reveal future plans as there is still time left on the contract, but it is true that Ji Young has dreams of being an actress.”

According to Sports Chosun, a source from DSP stated, “There is still a lot of time until April. We plan to meet with Kang Ji Young towards the end of this month and persuade her.”

To Segye Ilbo, one source from the agency stated, “After confirming the contents about Kang Ji Young’s stance, we will release an official statement.”

Recently, DSP Media announced that member Nicole will officially be departing from Kara January 16 as her contract with the agency ends. It wrote, “As of January 16, the contract between DSP Media and member Nicole, who has shared the joys and sorrows as part of Kara for the past seven years, will end. While her activities with Kara will end, we ask that you will cheer on Nicole with us, who is preparing for a new start.”

Last year in October, DSP Media revealed that members Park GyuriHan Seung Yeon, and Goo Hara had re-signed with the agency in a two-year contract. Member Kang Ji Young‘s contract ends this coming April.

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