Jun Ji Hyun Initially Rejected “Man from the Stars” Role

The backstory to actress Jun Ji Hyun’s casting as the lead female actress of the popular SBS drama, “Man From The Stars,” was recently revealed on E channel’s “Courageous Reporters.” 

“Jun Ji Hyun initially rejected the casting offer for the role of Chun Song Yi in ‘Man from the Stars,’” revealed one of the reporters on the broadcast. 

“After Jun Ji Hyun appeared in the movies, ‘Thieves’ and ‘The Berlin File,’ movie and drama offers came pouring in. Even when the casting call for ‘Man from the Stars’ arrived, she was already in the midst of preparing to appear in another movie. It was only because of scheduling problems that she was able to consider the role.” 

The drama production staff also did not give up on casting Jun Ji Hyun for the drama. “Jun Ji Hyun is the only who can play the role of Chun Song Yi,” stated fellow co-star Kim Soo Hyun

Can you imagine anyone else besides Jun Ji Hyun playing Chun Song Yi?