Lee Jong Suk Feels Embarrassed After Being Kissed by Song Ji Hyo

On the upcoming episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” guest Lee Jong Suk will be kissed by none other than female member Song Ji Hyo. However, don’t worry Monday Couple fans, it seems like the actor also gets kissed by another female, Lee Kwang Ja.

Fans of the show can expect laughter as the upcoming episode will feature members Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Gook transforming to female students Lee Kwang Ja and Kim Jong Sook. The new “Running Man” episode will also feature the concept of girls vs. boys, as the subject of the episode will surround the rivalry between a female and male high school.

However, with apparent rumors of a secret relationship between a female and male student, the show’s members and guests will go through missions in order to find out the secret couple. The January 19 episode of “Running Man” will have scenes from everyone rolling around on the field to being kissed by fellow members.

Catch the next episode of “Running Man,” featuring Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young to watch Lee Jong Suk receive a kiss!

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