Sunny Hill Reveals MV Teaser for Upcoming Single “Don’t Say a Word”

Previously, it was announced by Loen Tree that Sunny Hill will continue on as a four-member girl group, even after with male member Jang Hyun’s return from the military, with Jang Hyun working behind the scenes as a producer.

But before Jang Hyun goes completely behind the scenes, Sunny Hill has released the music video teaser for the newest single, “Don’t Say a Word,” that shows all five male and female members. 

“Don’t Say a Word” is the first album being released with Jang Hyun’s return to Sunny Hill after the completion of his military service in the past October. After his successful production of Sunny Hill’s 2011 hit “Midnight Circus,” this new digital single will continue to show Jang Hyun’s musical range. “Don’t Say a Word” is composed, lyrics written, and arranged by Jang Hyun and  KZ. It is described as a hybrid ballad number that blends classical technique and hip-hop rhythm. 

“Don’t Say a Word” drops January 24.