Rapper Louie’s Debut MV for Hard Hitting Track “Twilight”

Rapper Louie from the hip hop duo Geeks has released the nature themed MV for the hard hitting track “Twilight” which features the quirky styled rapper Boy Wonder. Twilight is a song about the beginnings of rapper Louie’s success and the decline of his opposition. The track has a powerful beat which includes trumpets and synthesizers that will make you bob your head. Louie and Boy Wonder rap in front of crashing waves and a snow covered mountain in the newest MV. The song “Twilight” starts off with a provocative hook that will repeated throughout the song, and there is a 19+ warning in the beginning of MV.

“Twilight” will be on Louie’s first solo album tiled “Where You At” which will be released on January 23. Let us know what you think of the new track below.