[Recap] Heartache Takes Center Stage in

These episodes (11 and 12) are jam-packed with heart wrenching emotion. The future doesn’t look too bright, especially with Min Joon’s departure looming ever closer.  His desire to push Song Yi away grows, but so does his hopeless dream of a happy and normal life with heri at his side. For better or for worse, I’ve become heavily invested in the well-being of these characters. Seeing both Song Yi and Min Joon struggle through their heartache has left me emotionally drained and dejected. Keep in mind these feelings are a testament to just how great this show is.

Why is My Heart Breaking?

Min Joon Rejects Song Yi’s Confession 

Min Joon RejectsMin Joon’s run in with the psychopath Jae Kyung’s poisoned needle reminded him just how strong his feelings for Song Yi have grown. He’s convinced he must do all that he can to end his connection before it’s too late to recover. Song Yi eagerly awaits Min Joon’s response to her sudden confession, but unfortunately Min Joon is not ready to admit the truth. Instead, he draws upon all the hateful things he can to turn Song Yi away. He claims that pity and curiosity peaked his interest, and that her celebrity status was a cool perk, but her never actually liked her. Min Joon’s lies just keep piling up.  

Song Yi Cry Snow

Song Yi’s not stupid. She knows his words aren’t truthful, but she can’t do anything else but walk away in tears. She now finally knows what true rejection feels like.

Min Joon Cold

Min Joon is so focused on pushing Song Yi away that he is forgetting to enjoy what little time he has left with her. 

Min Joon’s Suppression of His True Feelings

Ending Kiss

He may be pushing her away with all his might, but his actions and fervent hopes keep trumping this façade. Song Yi remains his main priority, no matter how hurtful his words may be. This kiss from Episode 11’s Epilogue says it all. I just wish he could allow himself to kiss her for real. While poignant, stopping time for a peck can never deliver the same emotional satisfaction as the actual thing. 

Min Joon’s Emotional Outbursts

Min Joon Tears

I must applaud Kim Soo Hyun for his incredible acting. His ability to turn on the water works at a moment’s notice is astounding and I could feel my heart breaking alongside Min Joon’s.  Min Joon Cry Door

His impending departure and resilient love for Song Yi are wrecking emotional havoc and Min Joon can’t help but long for a happiness that can never be. In contrast to Min Joon’s usual stoic demeanor, we see Min Joon start to give into his emotions, reveling a more vulnerable and humanlike character.

Min Joon Cry

The Episode 12 Epilogue just about killed me.

How does Min Joon feel about his nearing departure? Just look at the picture above to find out. His sobs say it all.

Lawyer Jang’s Discouraging Words to Both Min Joon and Song Yi

Lawyer Jang

Lawyer Jang’s heart is in the right place, but his words cause much more harm than good. He hates seeing Min Joon suffer from getting involved with Song Yi and he will do all that he can to keep them separated. I can understand his concern, but he doesn’t understand the depth of their relationship. Isn’t having loved better than never having loved at all?

Min Joon’s Life Threatening Accident 

Min Joon Hit

Min Joon’s vision concerning the USB came true, almost perfectly so. As Min Joon reflects later, he was powerless to control the situation and the speeding car hit him before he could use his special abilities. Thankfully, Min Joon’s tolerance for injury remains exceptionally high. What would have killed a human, only causes a minor setback for Min Joon. A day of rest later, and Min Joon is back on his feet. 

Min Joon Hurt

While Min Joon may be fine this time, Song Yi’s horror at seeing Min Joon passed out, bleeding on the floor was quite the terrifying sight. Song Yi may have been suspicious of Min Joon, but now all she cares about is his well-being. Nothing else matters as long as Min Joon remains alive. 

If Min Joon Stays on Earth, He’ll Likely Die 

Doctor- Can't Stay

According to the Joseon era doctor, Min Joon’s energy will eventually run out if he doesn’t return to his home planet. Min Joon attributes his recent weakening of abilities to his looming departure. Looks like missing his ride home for a second time would likely have fatal consequences. Just another obstacle to overcome before we can get to a satisfying ending. 

Min Joon’s Happy Dream of Normalcy


There is nothing more that I want than to see Min Joon and Song Yi live a happy, normal life together. Min Joon deserves to grow old with Song Yi at his side and this dream sequence drills in the utter hopelessness of his deepest wish. 

Dream- Snow

Min Joon’s words ring hauntingly true when he says that the happy dreams only make him more depressed when he wakes. Believe me Min Joon, your audience feels the horrible pain you are experiencing. 

Dream Sequence

Why can’t this be one of his fateful visions?

Other Important Plot Developments

A Glimmer of Hope

I like her

As his emotions build, Min Joon begins to realize that perhaps pushing Song Yi away is the exact opposite of what he should be doing. “Why do I need to pull away? I only have two months to see her.” Without a doubt Min Joon loves her and I hope this drive will force him to hold Song Yi close rather than push her even further away.

Min Joon’s Emotional Identity Reveal

 Ending 12

Min Joon is finally done dancing around the truth. It’s time for Song Yi to know exactly who he is, with no details spared. All at once, Min Joon revels that he’s not only the one who saved Song Yi 12 years ago, but he’s also an alien who’s been on Earth for 400 years. Oh by the way, he saved her because she looked identical to a girl he knew in the past, the same girl who owned the jade hair piece. Bam! I’m glad we got all the secrets out of the way, but now we have to see just how Song Yi processes this overload of information. 


Expectedly so, Song Yi’s initial reaction is concern for Min Joon’s sanity. Min Joon’s intense delivery is frightening, especially when he breaks the glass with his powers, yelling “This is who I am. Does it not matter?”. He yearns for Song Yi’s acceptance, yet at the same time hopes she’ll push him away from knowing the full, awful truth.


We’ll have to wait until next week to see Song Yi’s full reaction.

Song Yi’s Embarrassingly Hilarious Drunk Memories

Drunken Mess

Song Yi’s a mess. She didn’t handle her heartbreak very well, resulting in some rather comedic situations when she tries to drink her sorrows away. 

Drunk Shoes

Not only does she harass Min Joon with countless phone calls and texts, but she even tries to bribe him with the shoes he once stole. Needless to say, Min Joon was not impressed. I have a feeling he was close to going crazy having to listen to Song Yi’s drunken whining all night long with his super sensitive hearing. Yikes!

Drunk Phone Scary

Even better, Song Yi’s memories trickle back slowly, making Song Yi feel all the more mortified by her crazy actions. 

Hee Kyung Offers Song Yi Advice About Heartbreak

Hee Kyung Advice

With Song Yi heartbroken over Min Joon’s rejection, Hee Kyung can’t help but offer some tips to help her deal with her crushing sadness. After all, he has quite the wealth of rejection experience thanks to Song Yi. 

Rule No.1: No Sad Songs

Rule No.2: Don’t Go Near a Phone

 Rule No.3: Beware of Nighttime Attacks of Loneliness


Leave it to Song Yi to break every single one of these guidelines.

Song Yi Puts Se Mi in Her Place

Song Yi and Se Mi

Se Mi tries to revel Min Joon’s identity to Song Yi, but Song Yi beats her to the punchline, claiming she doesn’t want or need to know about her past savior. In addition, Song Yi finally realizes Se Mi’s love for Hee Kyung and better understands the origins of Se Mi’s hatred. Song Yi rises above Se Mi, refusing to be dragged into Se Mi’s world filled with jealously. 

Hee Kyung Snoops for More Information on His Brother

Hee Kyung Snoop

Things aren’t adding up for Hee Kyung about his brother, especially after Min Joon warned him to protect Song Yi from Jae Kyung. Hee Kyung not only overhears a conversation about an injured Min Joon, but he also finds Jae Kyung’s ex-wife’s passport and learns that she’s being held in a mental institution. If Hee Kyung’s not careful, he may need to be mindful of his health very, very soon. I don’t think Jae Kyung’s the kind to give his family special treatment. Perhaps he’ll end up being neighbors with the ex-wife? I guess that’d be slightly better than murder…

Jae Kyung Finally Under Suspicion for Yoo Ra’s Death

Yoo Ra

Bad news for the Jae Kyung, Song Yi told the detective that he had been dating Yoo Ra at the time of her death. He’s no longer free from suspicion and the dots are starting to connect against his favor. However, my concern remains very high. I’m positive this guy won’t go down without a vigorous fight. 

Min Joon Makes Some Sort of Deal with Jae Kyung


Don’t do it Min Joon! You know better than anyone else that you can’t trust a word this man says. All we know thus far is that Min Joon proposed to take the blame for Jae Kyung’s crimes. We can only guess what he wanted in return. 

Comedic Moments Remain


Don’t worry, these wouldn’t be episodes of “Man from the Stars” if there wasn’t at least some comic relief amongst all of this sadness. Song Yi certainly wins for most funny moments this week.

Highlights Include:

Song Yi’s Attempts at Listening in on Se Mi and Min Joon 

Song Yi Listen

If Min Joon can hear Song Yi, Song Yi assumes she should be able to hear Min Joon as well.

Poor Song Yi, she tired so hard!

Supermarket Shopping with Song Yi and Min Joon

Song Yi Shopping

Song Yi would totally be a sucker for “Buy-One-Get-One Free” deals.  

Song Yi Frolicking in the Snow

 Song Yi Play Snow

She’s been kept inside much too long!

Song Yi Bad Mouthing Min Joon’s Apartment to Prospective Buyer

Song Yi House Buyer

Fake coughs and curses work every time. 

Song Yi’s Attempting to Climb into Min Joon’s Apartment

Song Yi Balcony

This could have ended very poorly. You sure can’t doubt her dedication though!

Song Yi’s Friend Instantly Falling in Love with Song Yi’s Brother and Hee Kyung

Friend Fall in Love

The “You are my destiny” music and superb wind effects really created the perfect ambiance. 

All of Song Yi’s Drunken Moments

Drunk Table

These gems were so great, they deserved two mentions in this recap. We must hang onto the laughs while we can. 

In Conclusion


These episodes really packed an emotional punch. In truth, this review was rather hard to write. Each time I looked back at Min Joon crying or his blissful dream of life with Song Yi, I couldn’t help but feel saddened. Even if they do finally get together, what kind of lasting happiness can I hope for? 

Min Joon FIshing

Min Joon underwent some great character development and we finally saw more into his personal feelings. I knew he had already fallen for Song Yi, but his heartfelt visualization of a normal, happy life with her just hit all my emotional hot buttons. Before this episode, I didn’t realize that his dream of happiness is exactly what I wish to come from this show. Now all I can think about is how much I want Min Joon to smile like he did in his dream. This writer has me wrapped tightly around her finger. Please have some mercy on my weak heart!

Song Yi On Snow

All in all, another great week. While light on comedy, but the plot is moving swiftly, secrets are quickly being reveled, and the emotional dilemmas are in the process of resolution. I certainly can’t wait for my next dose of “Man from the Stars”.

How are you handling the emotional aftereffects? Will Song Yi accept Min Joon for his superpower- alien ways?

What are you most looking forward to next week?

Feel free to share your thoughts below!



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