Kim Soo Hyun vs. G-Dragon vs. Lee Seung Gi: Who Styles the Gray Cardigan Best?

This is a fashion battle for the ages! Kim Soo Hyun, G-Dragon and Lee Seung Gi have all been seen wearing the same grey cardigan from Thom Browne fashion company. Even though it’s the same clothing, the three stars give off a different feel with their unique styling of the cashmere cardigan. Let’s see how they each pull off their ensemble below.

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon wears the cardigan in multiple ways. He looks youthful and creative by leaving his cardigan half unbuttoned and adding many accessories.

g dragon cardigan

g-dragon cardigan infinity challenge g-dragon cardigan 2

Man From the Star‘s” Kim Soo Hyun goes for a simple and clean look with a black t-shirt under his cardigan.

kim soo hyun cardigan

He also paired the cardigan with a white button-down and black tie to wear a formal look in the drama “Man from the Stars.”

Kim soo hyun cardigan man stars

Lee Seung Gi goes for a mature and conservative look with all the buttons done and a collared shirt. He wore this outfit in the 2012 drama “The King 2 Hearts.”

 lee seung gi thom browne

So who do you think styled it best? Cast a vote and leave comments below.

Below is the description of the classic cardigan from Thom Browne. It retails for $995 USD.

tom browne cardigan