“Man from the Stars” Cancelled for Lunar New Year Holiday

SBS’ Wednesday – Thursday drama “Man from the Stars” will be taking a brief break. Episode 14 of the drama, which was originally scheduled to air on January 30, will be cancelled. A movie starring Kim Soo Hyun will be aired in place of the drama.

A representative of SBS stated, “Lunar New Years is a national holiday, and many people will be going back to their hometowns and will be unable to tune in to their televisions during the holiday. Thus, we decided to air a Lunar New Year special film in place of the drama.”

Episode 13 of the drama will air at its original schedule on January 29, and episode 14 will air on February 5. In this case, the 20-episode series will conclude on a Wednesday; therefore, there is a possibility that the drama will extend one episode.

This will be a good opportunity for the cast and crew to take a breather from the busy filming schedule. One of the members of the crew stated, “I think cancelling one show will give us a short break and more leeway to make a more polished drama.”

Meanwhile, episode 12 of “Man from the Stars” starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, recorded a rating of 26.4% according to Nielsen Korea

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