Kim Soo Hyun Brings Great Viewer Ratings to SBS Even Without “Man From the Stars”

On January 31, instead of airing episode 14 of “Man From the Stars,” SBS aired the movie “Secretly, Greatly” for a Lunar New Year special, taking the number one spot among other shows airing at that time.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewer rating research company, “Secretly, Greatly” achieved a viewer rating of 13.1% across the country, edging out KBS’ “Please Look After Mom” (4.6%), “Age of Feeling” (8.3%), MBC’s “Lunar New Year Look-Alike Special” (8.4%), and “Miss Korea” (8.6%).

Moreover, “Secretly, Greatly” also achieved a higher rating than the special films shown the day before on January 30. KBS showed the film “Deranged,” getting 1.9%, MBC “Berlin” for 6.6%, and SBS “Iron Dae-oh: The Nation’s Iron Bag,” getting 1.5%.

Some had initially thought that with the absence of “Man From the Stars” on the Lunar New Year, SBS might give up, at least temporarily, the number one spot for the time slot. However, SBS defended their position quite easily with “Secretly, Greatly,” which stars Kim Soo Hyun, the same lead actor for “Man From the Stars,” and was also a huge hit in the box office bringing in 6 million viewers.

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