Ga In Steams Up “Witch Hunt” with Sexy Dance

On January 31, girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ member, Ga In appeared on JTBC talk show “Witch Hunt.

On the show celebrities have discussions about women, relationships, family, physical interaction, and emotional interaction. There are four MCs that host this show: singer Sung Shi Kyung; comedian Shin Dong Yeob; MC Sam Hammington; and writer Heo Ji Woong. “Witch Hunt” is known for their frank discussions aimed towards adult viewers. 

On this day, Ga in made the studio atmosphere steamy by her revealing outfit.  She wore a very short mini-skirt. She walked on top of the table and danced very sexy which made the male MCs become shy and embarrassed. The MCs enjoyed Ga In’s dance and walk down the table. She openly discussed and was very honest in her answers to the given topics on the show. Netizens who watched the show commented “Ga In should just become a permanent member on the show,” and “There will not be another guest like her again.”

“Witch Hunt-Men” airs every Friday at 10:55 pm.