Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo to Work Together for First Time in New Film, “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant”

Ha Jung Woo and Ha Ji Won, both born in the year of the horse (1978), will be meeting on the big screen for the new film “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant.” Ha Jung Woo plays Heo Sam Kwan, a man who sells his blood to support his family, and Ha Ji Won plays Heo Ok Ran, Heo Sam Kwan’s wife and mother of three.

Ha Jung Woo, also the director for the film, personally sought out Ha Ji Won for the role of Heo Ok Ran. He had previously said, “I really want to work with Ha Ji Won, but it just never happened,” so he took steps to make it happen. One industry official said, “Preparing for his second film as director, Ha Jung Woo has been carrying out his duties quite well. From the script to the cast, he has been preparing everything with a lot of care. It’s the reason why I’m interested in this next project of his.”

Last November, Ha Jung Woo went to Hawaii and started working on the dramatization of “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” after he finished filming for “Kundo: Age of the Rampant.” After going through Ha Jung Woo, the scenario went to Ha Ji Won, who agreed to do the movie due to the quality of the scenario and her trust in her fellow actor.

“Chronicle of a Blood Merchant” is a movie adapted to a Korean background from a satirical and humorous novel of the same name by Chinese author Yu Hua.

Also starring in the movie are Sung Dong Il, Jung Man Shik, Kim Sung Gyun, Kim Young Ae, Kim Ki Chun, and Kim Byung Ok.