[Recap] Danger, Anger, and Love Fly High in

Man from the Stars” episodes 14 and 15 deliver both thrilling and romantic sequences. Episode 15 in particular brought back some much needed humor, delighting audiences with Min Joon’s comedic struggle to express his feelings. It’s Min Joon’s turn to feel jealousy and frustration, as he begins to give in to his ever-building emotions. Song Yi instead focuses on regaining her health as well as her independence when it comes to love. Alas, no matter what she does she can’t quite shake her feelings for Min Joon.

Song Yi Falls After Wires Snap

 Wire Fail

 Jae Kyung’s plan to sabotage Song Yi’s stunt succeeds and Song Yi plummets to the ground.

Hee Kyung and Song Yi

Luckily Hee Kyung leaps into action and runs to to break Song Yi’s fall. He reaches her just in time, helping to shield her from impact. Unfortunately, both Song Yi and Hee Kyung lose consciousness and are immediately rushed to the emergency room.

Min Joon’s Dramatic Confrontation

Fight- Min Joon Hold

Min Joon is furious. His plan to protect Song Yi backfires and he’s not about to let Jae Kyung get away with his continued lies. After stopping to check on Song Yi at the hospital, Min Joon storms into Jae Kyung’s office, blowing furniture out of the way to pin Jae Kyung against the wall. 

Fight- Heights

The scene quickly changes as Min Joon teleports both himself and Jae Kyung to the roof of the building. Min Joon’s anger only grows as he vows to kill Jae Kyung. Episode 14 revels that if Min Joon were ever to use his powers to kill, he would in turn lose his own life. He knows the risks, but when it comes to Jae Kyung he’s almost ready to sacrifice everything in order to guarantee Song Yi’s safety. 

Jae Kyung Fall

Unfortunately for Min Joon, Jae Kyung is also aware of this limitation. His taunts finally drive Min Joon to demonstrate just how powerful he can be, letting Jae Kyung fall to the ground, only stopping him just before impact.  

Jae Kyung Destroy

There’s more than one way to destroy a person and I’m confident Min Joon is angry enough to ensure the total destruction of Jae Kyung. It’s finally Min Joon’s turn to play Jae Kyung’s game and I’m hoping for some great revenge sequences. 

Backtracking Timeline

Song Yi Balcony

The events of Episode 14 largely take place prior to Song Yi’s wire stunt from the end of Episode 13. These flashbacks elaborate on the circumstances leading up to Song Yi’s fateful leap, providing a richer development for key plot points.

Flashback Highlights Include:

Jae Kyung- Listen

A bug is planted on Lawyer Jang’s brief case, allowing Jae Kyung to overhear all sorts of important information about Min Joon special abilities. All of the conversations Min Joon has with Lawyer Jang about his weakening abilities and inability to kill without in turn killing himself fill Jae Kyung will confidence. Armed with this new knowledge, Jae Kyung agrees to Min Joon’s the deal to take responsibility for all of Jae Kyung’s crimes in exchange for Song Yi’s perpetual safety. As far as he’s concerned, as soon as Min Joon is locked up, he can dispose of Song Yi without any retaliation. 

Mental Hospital

Hee Kyung takes a trip to the mental institution where he suspects Jae Kyung’s ex-wife to reside. He’s quickly turned away, but he’s only more suspicious after the receptionist’s curt refusal to help.

Hee Kyung Family

Earlier, Hee Kyung also overheard his mother and father discussing a mysterious event from Jae Kyung’s childhood. My money is on Jae Kyung having had involvement in the death of his older brother. 


Even the prosecutors are getting suspicious as to how perfectly the evidence is stacking up against Min Joon. Jae Kyung even plants further clues to indicate that Min Joon was the one with Yoo Ra at his vacation home. 

Song Yi Cry

On the morning of her accident, Song Yi and her mom run into Min Joon while waiting for the elevator. Song Yi has a hard time holding back her emotions and confesses to her mom once they are alone that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t dislike Min Joon. She still feels his love even though his actions keep speaking otherwise. 

 Song Yi’s Sad Dream Sequence 

Back Hug

While lying in the hospital bed, Song Yi envisions her own version of a happy future with Min Joon. Her sad dreams once again echo Min Joon’s yearning for a relationship filled with normalcy and love. 

Dream- Walk

Show, please stop teasing us with these visions of a happy future! 

Min Joon’s Change of Heart

Min Joon Dazed

Luckily for us anxious viewers, Episode 15 delivered many an adorable Min Joon moment. Min Joon may have been determined to push Song Yi away, but the reality of his feelings is finally catching up with his past actions. He can’t hold himself back any longer! 

Min Joon Angry

Min Joon first shows signs of his crumbling resolve when he hears the rumor that Hee Kyung and Song Yi are engaged. He insists on strongly defends the integrity of Song Yi’s feelings to Lawyer Jang. Hee Kyung may have saved her this one time, but Min Joon is quick to point out his own heroic actions. “Haven’t I saved her?!”, he yells. “If saving someone is the only criteria for liking someone than the firefighters and police officers must be loved by everyone!”  

Don’t worry, Min Joon’s not at all angry (said no one ever). 


His pent up rage prompts him to scour the internet for articles about Song Yi’s accident. He even goes so far as to post a comment stating how preposterous the engagement rumor is. His old fashioned language and frank remarks quickly insight criticism from netizens. 


While overwhelmed with feelings, Min Joon picks up his phone, trying to decide on what to text to Song Yi. He goes through a series of failed attempts at being casual, and ultimately expresses his true thoughts with a simple “I miss you”. 

Stop Time

Just as he is about to delete his heartfelt message, his finger slips and presses send. Oh no! What’s a lovesick alien to do? Min Joon quickly jumps to action, stopping time to get his text back before Song Yi can read it. Too bad her phone has a lock screen. Min Joon can’t get in on his own!


While waiting to try the password again, Min Joon notices Song Yi has something in her hair. His powers fail at the worst (best) possible moment, and Song Yi catches him suddenly in front of her holding a strand of her hair. Min Joon’s awkward response of “Are you feeling better…?” made this situation even more hilarious. He follows up by saying that he only teleports when he’s in a hurry or stuck in traffic, like that’s supposed to reassure her. 

Stop Time 2

To complete his mission, Min Joon does one more time stop once Song Yi unlocks her phone. His “I miss you” text is deleted, but the encounter still yields some interesting results. Song Yi is now aware of Min Joon’s super hearing abilities, and she quickly throws him out, accusing him of being a pervert while she thinks of all the things he must have overheard.

Sy and HK Happy

Min Joon can’t help but continue to feel raging jealousy over the rumor of Hee Kyung and Song Yi’s engagement. He even goes as far as to envision Hee Kyung taking his place in his own blissful dreams with Song Yi.

I just love how angry Min Joon gets and his “She says it tickles!” put me over the edge with laughter. 

Min Joon Shock

Needless to say, he’s not at all pleased by this possibility!

Manager Do Car 

Min Joon takes action and reinstates himself as Manager Do in order to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will he get to spend more time with Song Yi, but he also pays the huge termination fee to end Song Yi’s contract with Jae Kyung.

Good move, Min Joon!

Pulls In

Just as Episode 15 ends, Min Joon reacts to Song Yi’s anger over his past denial of feelings. In response to Song Yi’s “Do you know how selfish you are?”, Min Joon lights up the surrounding landscape and levitates Song Yi into his arms. “What are you doing?”, Song Yi asks.

Kiss 15

“The most selfish thing I can do to you.”

Other Plot Developments: 

Min Joon Confesses His True Identity to the Prosecutors 

Confess to Police

Following the wire stunt fiasco, Min Joon finally changes tactics. He decides to tell his actual story to the prosecutors in order to incriminate Jae Kyung. While shocked, the prosecutors can’t help but instinctively feel some truth beyond his outlandish words. They did after all see Min Joon essentially disappear from the interrogation room upon hearing of Song Yi’s accident. His confession fills in some key blanks to their investigation and they now have the USB footage of Jae Kyung’s ex-wife. I’m optimistic that Jae Kyung’s murderous rampages will soon come to an end. Min Joon did vow afterall to help as much as he can for the next month.

Song Yi’s Father Reappears at Her Side


Song Yi’s father steps back into her life just in time to provide a life saving blood transfusion. His long standing absence is a rather sore point for Song Yi, who loves her father more than almost everyone else in the world. (Sorry dad, but Min Joon recently overtook your top ranking!) These two share some cute scenes and Song Yi demonstrates growth by accepting of her father even after his 12 year disappearance. In fact, she’s more than thrilled to have him back. 

Hee Kyung’s Not Actually in a Coma 

Hospital Sy and JK

Hee Kyung may have had serious head trauma, but he’s still sharp enough to use his apparently unconscious state to eavesdrop on his evil brother. From his hospital bed, he not only learns that Min Joon can teleport, but he also hears Jae Kyung openly discuss his crimes. The question remains as to what Hee Kyung will do with all this juicy information!

Jae Kyung Reveals His Philosophy on Killing


According to Jae Kyung, the world is filled with many people, but only a few are truly needed. For the common good, he feels obligated to eliminate any pests that might get in his way. Oh Jae Kyung, your craziness just keeps growing! 

Se Mi Becomes Even More Pitiful 

Se Mi Cry

Se Mi continues to hold her lead actress role over Song Yi’s head, but Hee Kyung’s injury shakes up her resolve. She confronts Song Yi at the end of Episode 15, imploring her to finally accept Hee Kyung’s love. Se Mi is willing to give up everything for Hee Kyung’s happiness and Song Yi is the one who can fulfill this wish. 


Forehead Kiss

“Man from the Stars” repeatedly delivers satisfying epilogues and this week was no exception. At the end of Episode 14, Min Joon appears in Song Yi’s hospital room and plants a sweet kiss on her forehead. She may think this is all just part of her sad dream sequence, but we know better. Min Joon’s feelings just continue to grow!

Dad and MJ

At the end of Episode 15, it’s revealed that Min Joon met Song Yi’s father at the hospital. Just as her dad was about to leave, Min Joon made sure to mention just how much Song Yi would like it if he was at her side when she wakes up. Min Joon’s thoughtfulness continues to impress me! 

Comedy Returns

Comedic moments are once again on the upswing and I was delighted to find myself laughing, rather than crying, while I watched the episodes this week.

Highlights Include

Lawyer Jang Defends Min Joon Against Song Yi’s Mom

Lawyer Jang

Is it too much to hope for another round of this excellent defense? Lawyer Jang makes a great dad for Min Joon!

Hee Kyung Supports Song Yi On Set

On Set

He clearly doesn’t know the meaning of “small scale”. 

Also, I loved that they used Jun Ji Hyun‘s picture from the “Man from the Stars” poster!

Song Yi’s Friend Is Angry About Mean Comments

Friend Store

You have to admire her passion!

Min Joon’s Accidental Reveal to Hee Kyung


Aren’t you in a coma?

Song Yi Calls Min Joon a Perverted Alien



The Prosecutor Thinks Min Joon Is Harry Potter

Harry Potter 2

The hilarious thing is that this guy’s not too far from the truth!

Min Joon’s Response to Negative Online Comments


They should be slapped!

Song Yi’s English

Song Yi Shock

Hello? Excuse me? REALLY?!

How could anyone leave THE Chun Song Yi behind?

And the Entire Text Messaging- Time Stop Fiasco

SY and MJ Phone

I know this already got mentioned above, but Min Joon’s actions had me doubled over with laughter.

Please keep the funny scenes coming! 

In conclusion


After two episodes largely filled with angst and suspense, Episode 15 was a breath of fresh air. “Man from the Stars” is strongest when it intertwines comedic moments with the more serious plot developments. Min Joon’s strict denial of his feelings was frustrating to watch and I’m happy that their relationship finally has a green light (at least for the time being). In my opinion, the more scenes with Min Joon and Song Yi interacting, the better the show will be. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the playful banter between these two leads. 


Jae Kyung is still around, but following Min Joon’s angry confrontation, I’m much more confident in how Min Joon will handle this situation. How could he ever think that Jae Kyung would just give up after Min Joon took the blame? Come on, Min Joon! We all know Jae Kyung is crazy. 

Song Yi Surprise

The backtracking timeline of Episode 14 was interesting, but also rather frustrating. The repeated scenes just left me anxious for more and I’m so glad we had Episode 15 this week help meet my need for some good old romantic comedy. With 5, maybe 6, episodes to go, I’m already starting to dread the end of this fantastic show.  I’m very interested to see where this show goes next and I’m hoping for lots more romantic and comedic goodness! 

What was your favorite part this week? Is anyone else relieved that Hee Kyung didn’t get amnesia? I was really worried once we found out he had a head injury!

Feel free to comment below!



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