Park Ji Yoon Lays Out Her “Inner Space” in New Album and Music Video

Singer Park Ji Yoon has released the music video of her latest single album, “Inner Space.”

The album contains two songs: “Beep” and “Inner Space.” Both songs were composed by Postino; however, the lyrics were written by the singer herself along with Yoon Jong Shin. The album is hyped as a deep and introspective work of music in which Park Ji Yoon had a lot of input.  This will be the second album from her year-long seasonal project dedicated for the winter season. Team89, a music laboratory that will play a key role in the music that MYSTIC89 releases in the future, is in charge of the album’s production..

The music video is sweet and simple, showing Park Ji Yoon dressed in white and surrounded by the things that make up her “inner space.”

The single drops February 17.