Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Reveals Dating Rumor with 2AM’s Jo Kwon Was Absurd

Brown Eyed Girls’ member Ga In revealed that she had received the most hate messages because of a dating rumor with 2AM’s Jo Kwon.

On February 13, Ga In appeared on MBC music show “Picnic Live.” She filmed the show with her close acquaintances and revealed rumors related to her. Ga In was asked to choose the most unfair rumor she had heard so far. She stated the most unfair and hurtful rumor was about her leaving Brown Eyed Girls and moving to a new company because she wanted to be the only one that succeeds. Ga In continued, “I was so frustrated that I could not explain all the details of the situation. Because of this, my members were affected negatively by the rumor. I felt really bad and sorry.”

Ga In chosen the dating rumor with Jo Kwon to be the most absurd rumor and the rumor which she had received the most hate messages. Ga In and Jo Kwon partnered together as a fake married couple on MBC variety program “We Got Married.”

Ga In had appeared on “Picnic Live” with her Brown Eyed Girls’ member JeA, singer Jo Hyung Woo, writer Kim Yi Na, and others. Currently, Ga in is very active with her solo third album, “Truth or Dare.”