Second Spin: Ayo, Girls' Generation! Put It Back On

Second Spin puts the spotlight on songs that have remained out of it. It’s the chance to showcase some of the unpromoted tracks that are overshadowed by the signature songs in the featured artists’ discography.

Girls’ Generation, the nine-member national girl group, has recently announced its comeback with “Mr. Mr.,” a little more than a year after their last domestic promotions, “I Got a Boy.” With the music video release and the comeback schedule still to be finalized, it’s the perfect time to get out the Girls’ previous seven full studio albums–four Korean and three Japanese, their two live albums, and the singles and repackaged albums in between to help ease the long wait.   The Girls are out for a (second) spin. Check out these underrated Girls’ Generation tracks.

“Telepathy” from “The Boys” (2011)

“The Boys” is catchy and at the time of release, marked a bit of a departure from the usual “hook songs” of past Girls’ Generation’s title tracks. “Telepathy” is the second track from that album. It’s comparable to an old-fashioned Kylie Minogue pop dance song, both simple and fun, with its peppy singing and easy-to-follow beats.

“Trick” from “The Boys” (2011)


This track got a second life when it was featured in 10 Corso Como’s Seoul Melody Project, the collaboration between SM Entertainment and the lifestyle brand in celebration of its fifth anniversary. The remixed release brought it back to attention and appreciation of those who might have missed it on the original. Sound-wise, it was more along the lines of the general feel of “The Boys.” “Trick” is very Euro-dance, and the kind of electro-pop that more recent K-Pop releases draw a lot of influence from. It’s very trance-y in its way.

“Express 999” from “I Got a Boy” (2013)

Unlike the previous tracks mentioned in this list, “Express 999” has at least been seen in live performances. For some noonas and unnies, it has a bit of a retro feel to it, and may get them on a trip down memory lane because of its similar feel to 80s dance songs from then-young female artists like Debbie Gibson.

“Tinkerbell” from “Girls’ Generation” (2007)

Slowing it down a bit now, “Tinkerbell” from the first full album is noted for its easy melody. The song is also simply singable, the type one can carry on one’s lips, walking under a brightly colored umbrella on a drizzly day.

“Let It Rain” from “Girls’ Generation First Japan Album” (2011)

The Girls’ Generation’s first full album in Japan, not counting the remakes of their Korean songs in it, harvests a bout of new songs that carries their signature dance, electro-pop sound. It is a majority of dance tunes, but “Let It Rain,” one of the only two ballads in the album stands out for its groovy rhythm. It suggests an easy pick for a girl-friends’ karaoke night group-sing.

Soompi readers, your turn. Any non-promoted Girls’ Generation track you would like to recommend for a Second Spin?

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