SPEED Returns and Releases Three MVs for “Focus,” “Why I’m Not” and “Don’t Tease Me”

SPEED is finally back!

After a long time of waiting for fans, Core Contents Media’s boy group SPEED has made their comeback with a highly anticipated mini-album along with three different music videos.

First, on February 16, CCM released the music video for Taewoon‘s solo track, “Focus,” which is a hip-hop track where he is really able to display his rap skills.

Then on February 17, CCM uploaded yet another music video for “Why I’m Not,” a sad hip-pop/pop song about a guy who always has girls leaving him.

Finally, SPEED released the music video for their title track “Don’t Tease Me,” which is about a guy who wants to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend for not knowing his true worth and breaking up with him. SPEED puts on quite a performance with a circus theme, wowing fans with their choreography and concept.

SPEED’s mini-album “SPEED CIRCUS” is now out! Check out the three music videos below: