Kim Woo Bin and Rain Lined up for “Running Man,” Lee Jong Suk’s Appearance Uncertain Due to Swine Flu

The cast of “Running Man” is going to Australia, and they are taking Kim Woo Bin and Rain with them and, if we’re lucky, Lee Jong Suk too.

It had been previously announced that “Running Man” will film in Australia for a special episode, and singer Rain had been the first celebrity guest to be confirmed for the show. On February 19, the show announced that Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk will be joining him as the other celebrity guests. The cast and the guests will be leaving for Australia on February 22. This will be an exciting episode as “Running Man” has never filmed outside of Asia before. 

However, it was just announced that Lee Jong Suk has come down with the swine flu and will put a temporary halt into his activities. A representative for the actor Lee Jong Suk told Star News, “Since Lee Jong Suk has already been confirmed for the ‘Running Man’ appearance, he is currently receiving treatment for his swine flu. We will be watching his health up to his departure.” 

Hopefully, the popular actor will rest and be healthy in time for the shoot. 

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