Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Kwang Hee, IU React to CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop” + More Comeback Details

CNBLUE is continuing to amp up their soon-to-be comeback by releasing celebrity reaction clips for their new song!

Park Shin Hye, Yoon Do Hyun, IU, Kim Woo Bin, ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee and Park So Hyun all listened to CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop” and shared their thoughts on the song.

FNC Entertainment also posted a poster containing some key points about CNBLUE’s comeback such as the music, stage, music video and even the style.

cnblue album details 021914

About the music, it will be different from CNBLUE’s past albums. The music and lyrics will be perfect for the current season and the album contains CNBLUE’s maturity over the past four years. All six tracks of the mini-album have been composed and writen by the members, which gives us a look into CNBLUE’s musical direction and identity.

The poster also revealed that CNBLUE’s stage will be different from any other stages they’ve had in the past. As for the music video, the main focus was put on how CNBLUE expresses their music, which is different from their previous styles of the past. The video has been shot like a fashion film and contains the many different colors of CNBLUE.

Finally, CNBLUE has gone through a complete style change since they are going through with a new image for their new music.

CNBLUE has also revealed a few more still shots from their upcoming “Can’t Stop” music video.

cnblue set 020914 3

cnblue set 020914 2

cnblue set 020914 1

Meanwhile, be sure to check out all the CNBLUE comeback coverage on Soompi. Check out the celebrity reaction clips below!

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