[Recap] Romance Continues While Tensions Deepen in “Man from the Stars”

In typical “Man from the Stars” fashion, Episodes 18 and 19 brought a roller coaster of emotion. One moment I would be laughing hysterically, and the next I would be gasping back tears. Min Joon and Song Yi continue to steal the show with their interactions and endearing relationship. Their time together may be coming to an end, but their love continues to grow with each minute that ticks by.

This week is packed full of many great moments between Min Joon and Song Yi.

Bed Hug Sick

Romantic Highlights Include: 

Min Joon Stay

At the end of Episode 17, Min Joon promises to stay behind with Song Yi. It turns out Song Yi’s moment of frantic searching for Min Joon caused him to finally commitment to spending the remainder of his life at her side.

Song Yi and Min Joon’s Night Away

Where to Sleep

Their little trip continues as they try to figure out their sleeping arrangements. After some half-hearted excuses about the other bedroom being too cold, these two cuddle up, but not before Song Yi imposes a strict no kissing rule!


Their playful banter never disappoints. Min Joon’s crotchety comments just bring a smile to Song Yi’s face.

Song Yi’s Dream of Marriage

Wedding Dress

No this scene is not an actual dream, but it is Song Yi’s dream to wear this wedding dress for real with Min Joon at her side. She may just be trying it on for now, but I sure hope this dress will make another (happier) appearance.

Lackluster Date to Namsan Tower

Namsan Lock

Their whole date to Namsan Tower is rather a bust. Min Joon seems disengaged and Song Yi keeps expecting more from their night together.

Bummed Song Yi

Song Yi is particularly bummed when none of her romantic wishes come true. First, the flowers she thought were her own actually belong to the girl at the next table. Even worse, that girl also finds a wedding ring in her food. Song Yi is not too pleased with Min Joon.

Min Joon’s Failed Proposal

Failed Proposal

It turns out their Namsan date was supposed to be much more special. In the epilogue of episode 18, we find out that Min Joon was planning a proposal the entire time! When he asked Song Yi to open his trunk at the start of their date, he had it packed full with balloons and even a poster expressing his love. Too bad he gets cold feet at the last second and stops time to remove all traces of this surprise, only leaving an old mop for Song Yi. As the night continues, he can’t quite work up the courage to propose, even though he had carefully practiced his heartfelt speech.

Song Yi Knows Min Joon May Die If He Stays


While waiting for Min Joon to return home, Song Yi goes exploring and stumbles upon his diary. She now understands the sacrifice he is making when he agreed to remain on Earth. After confirming these details with Lawyer Jang, Song Yi finally understands just how much Min Joon loves her. He’s ready and willing to give up everything, even his life.

Min Joon’s Dramatic Rescue


Song Yi once again finds herself at the end of one of Jae Kyung’s deadly plots. After she drinks poisoned wine, Min Joon throws away all caution and teleports in front of reporters and witnesses in order to get her to safety. His identity may be revealed, but all that matters to him is that Song Yi remains alive.

Hospital Disappear

When Song Yi wakes up, Min Joon once again surprises the swarm of reporters by suddenly disappearing with Song Yi when she asks to go someplace quiet.

Romantic Trip to a Private Island


Min Joon transports them to an isolated island where they can finally be alone. When asked where they are, Min Joon jokes that they are on his planet, causing Song Yi to immediately react with happiness. According to her, “as long as I can breathe, I can adapt.” She’s also confident her beauty will still impress his species.

Shout Delight

Song Yi and Min Joon take turns enjoying the moment, shouting out their delight at being alone.


While they wander around the garden, Song Yi insists on taking plenty of selcas. She knows their relationship has an approaching expiration date and she’s doing her best to document their time together.

I love you

Song Yi then gives an emotional speech to Min Joon, proclaiming that she has no regrets about falling in love with him. In fact, she would do it all over again in a heartbeat. She even finally utters the words “I love you”.

Kiss- Ocean

Min Joon aptly responds to her heartfelt confession with a simple “OK” and then pulls her in for a kiss.

Kiss Sick

Too bad this kiss means Song Yi has to carry Min Joon to their villa.

She does point out though that Min Joon now recovers much quicker from his kissing illness than before.

Perhaps there is hope for immunity. They better keep practicing!

Pointing to Sky

That night Song Yi and Min Joon talk a moonlit scroll along the beach. They promise to come back here every year, further pretending that a future can exist for them both.

Beach Cuddle

At Song Yi’s request, Min Joon sings her a song, a song which she will want to remember forever. After his beautiful and emotional ballad, Min Joon finally proposes to Song Yi, kneeling before her and offering her the ring. She accepts and asks him to place the ring on her finger, tearfully proclaiming, “I’m perfectly happy.”

Go Back

This happy moment is quickly shattered when Song Yi tells Min Joon it’s time for them to wake up from their dream. She begs him to go back to where he came from since she can’t handle the thought of him dying for her. In order for him to keep existing, she knows she needs to let him go.

Other Important Plot Developments:

Min Joon’s Scary Vision of His Future

Min Joon Disappearing

It’s important to note that as soon as Min Joon decided to stay behind, he had a vision of himself fading away.

This does not bode well for a happy ending…

Hee Kyung Finds Key Evidence Against His Brother

HK and JK Fight

Hee Kyung may have freed Jae Kyung’s ex-wife from the mental institution, but this still isn’t enough to get him locked up. Lucky for Hee Kyung, the ex-wife has some invaluable evidence that can finally put Jae Kyung behind bars.

HK Pen and Bros

It turns out that Hee Kyung’s deceased brother had the habit of recording his thoughts using a voice pen. The last moments of his life are still recorded on this pen, detailing just how Jae Kyung planned and executed his murder. There’s no denying it now, Jae Kyung is 100% guilty.

Hee Kyung Asks Min Joon for Help

Hee Kyung

Understandably, Hee Kyung is devastated by these recent discoveries. He has nowhere else to turn and calls Min Joon to help him capture his brother. Together, they devise a plan to lure Jae Kyung into a trap.

Gun point

They begin by playing the recoding from the pen for Jae Kyung over the phone. Jae Kyung rushes home, ready to murder Hee Kyung. Jae Kyung explains to Hee Kyung in great detail how he plans to make his death look like a suicide.

Min Joon Gun

Just as he is about to pull the trigger, Min Joon suddenly appears, now holding the gun. Once it’s clear Jae Kyung won’t turn himself in, Min Joon teleports him to the waiting police officers.

Jae Kyung Is Finally Caught

Jae Kyung Evil

There’s no escaping now and even Jae Kyung’s henchman is caught. Unfortunately for Min Joon and Hee Kyung, Jae Kyung is not about to go quietly. He has already sent the poisoned wine to Song Yi and he gleefully informs them of the situation.


Min Joon loses control and pins Jae Kyung to the wall. He completely ignores the swarm of press and suddenly disappears in front of all the cameras to recuse Song Yi.


Hee Kyung also retaliates by punching his brother and calling him out for being the monster that he truly is.

Lawyer Jang Is Not Happy with Min Joon’s Actions

Lawyer Jang Unhappy

Not only has Min Joon decided to endanger his life by staying on Earth with Song Yi, but he has now revealed to the world his super powers. Everything that Lawyer Jang has warned against has come true and now he can only watch disapprovingly from the sidelines.

Hee Kyung Begs His Father Not to Help Jae Kyung

Father Deny

The evidence may have caught up with Jae Kyung, but his father still denies just how evil he really is. Hee Kyung’s only wish is that his dad not interfere with Jae Kyung’s conviction, and after playing the recording of Jae Kyung murdering his brother, the horrible reality finally hits his father square in the heart.

Don’t Worry, This Show Remains Hilarious

Cheek Grab

Despite the many serious developments, comedy still reins throughout, helping to maintain a more lighthearted balance.

Comedic Highlights Include:

Min Joon’s Occasional Loss of Powers

While not the funniest subject, the situation was handled in a very entertaining way. Min Joon is all set to show off his powers for Song Yi, but each time he tries he can’t quite succeed.

Pick Me Up

First, he can’t levitate Song Yi from the bed into the bathroom.cup

Then, he can’t move a water glass

Wrong Teleportation

And finally he can’t teleport correctly to Song Yi’s side. Instead, he ends up in the middle of traffic!

Song Yi Tries to Reassure Min Joon About His Powers

Cheer Up

“Don’t be discouraged!”

If you can’t tell, Min Joon isn’t exactly enthused by Song Yi’s encouragement.

Song Yi’s Assertive Side

Song Yi Assertive

She’s not afraid to admit she wants to cuddle with her alien boyfriend.

Another Face Off Between Song Yi’s Mom and Lawyer Jang


Round 2 was just as good as Round 1.

Song Yi Is Not a Cook

No Soup

“Don’t ever make soup again.”

Min Joon Helps Out Song Yi’s Dad

Move Car

Min Joon sure is good at petty revenge!

A Drunk Min Joon Reveals His Powers to Song Yi’s Brother

Drunk Teleport

Even better, Song Yi’s bro is totally cool with Min Joon’s secret.


 He only asks that they recreate the famous scene from E.T.

Song Yi Playfully Calls for Min Joon 

Calling Cutsey

Song Yi has taken “cutsey” to whole new level!

Crazy- Family

Also, her family now thinks she’s crazy.

Song Yi’s Quite the Photographer

Ramen Picture

Not that Min Joon is a tough subject to photograph…

The General Response to Min Joon’s Powers

Old Manager

Somehow the public seems to think Min Joon’s powers are super cool.

In fact, all this buzz may even help restore Song Yi’s career to what it once was!

Song Yi Bluntly Asks How Many Kids Min Joon Wants

How Many

Once Min Joon recovers from the shocking change in topic, he decides on 7 kids, all girls. Apparently boys are too loud.

But what if they have a boy?

I guess

“Then I guess we’ll have to raise it.”

They’ve also agreed to having 5 dogs and that they’ll move to the suburbs.

 In Conclusion

Song Yi Bed

It was heartbreaking to hear Min Joon and Song Yi talk of the future that they know can only happen in their dreams. Each time they speak about their future dates, future anniversaries, and even future kids I can’t help but become even more desperate to see them live happily ever after.

Will Min Joon agree to go back home now that Song Yi insists? I certainly don’t think so. She knows that he loves her, but she still has no idea just how deep that love runs. Min Joon is committed to staying by her side until the very end.


With two episodes left, I’m still waiting for some key questions to be answered. Namely, what is the relationship between Song Yi and her past doppelganger? How is Min Joon supposed to return to his planet? What is going to happen to Min Joon? Will he live? Will be become human? Most importantly, can he have a happy ending with Song Yi? As much as I don’t want this show to end, I am very curious to see how everything gets wrapped up.

I just want them to be happy. Is that too much to ask?!

Hug Bed

What are your predictions for the final two episodes? Can you believe we are reaching the end of this fantastic show?

What’s been your favorite part thus far?

Feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading!



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