2NE1 Talks About Their Upcoming “All or Nothing” World Tour at Concert Press Conference

Girl group 2NE1 held a press conference for their upcoming “All or Nothing” World Tour at the Ilsan Kintex on February 20, where they discussed the world tour, as well as talked about their second album, “Crush.” Concert directors, Travis Payne and Stacy Walker, who previously worked on 2NE1’s “New Evolution” Tour, as well as YG Entertainment director Jung Chi Young, were also present.

2NE1 revealed their feelings about being busy because of their world tour and comeback, with CL saying, “We’re meeting fans with a regular album after a long time. We really wanted to be busy, and we’re happy because we’re busy.”

Travis Payne stated, “I am really excited to be working with 2NE1 again after their first world tour in 2012. Preparations for the concert are going well. Meeting 2NE1 again, I was able to see 2NE1’s more diverse appearances.”

He said that with this world tour, the emphasis would be on expressing each member’s individual image. As a result, he took some time to get to know each member, communicating with them directly. This is how he described the 2NE1 members. “Bom is like a fairy, while CL is lovely and works really hard. Minzy is an amazing dancer, and Dara is a funky angel. When they join forces, they become powerful musicians.”

Travis Payne and Stacy Walker previously worked with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon on his “One of a Kind” World Tour, and they have choreographed and directed concerts for other renowned world stars such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

Director Jung Chi Young stated, “We’re working with most of the people who were with us on the first world tour. I think that you can expect a lot from this concert. CEO Yang Hyun Suk wants to make this a concert of international quality. We’ve worked hard to invest in facilities and concert expenses.”

He went on to emphasize that local and international staff are working hard to make this a quality of such high standard that can be appreciated by fans all over the world.

Speaking on behalf of the group, CL revealed, “We worked hard because we wanted to show a different image. This time, we’ll be revealing songs from our new album as well, so we’re really looking forward to it. We hope that our fans will like our new songs and look forward to the performances for our new tracks.”

On the concert’s title “All or Nothing,” CL stated, “This is our second full album six years after debut, and it feels like we are meeting the fans again after a long time, so we wanted to show everything that we have.”

2NE1 also explained the reason for the female space-warrior image on their concert posters was because they wanted to make the concert experience a surreal one.

2NE1 World Tour and Album

Speaking about their second album “Crush,” Sandara Park said, “We’ve waited for this album as much as the fans have. I choked up when I saw the tracklist recently. It’s an album full of new songs, and CL wrote 3 of those songs so it’s going to be quite refreshing,” while Minzy added, “It’ll be interesting to pick songs to listen to. I think we can feel great about this album.”

CL is listed as composer and lyricist for 3 songs, “Crush,” “Hope to Live” and “Baby I Miss You,” but she also has lyric credits for “Mental Breakdown,” her solo track, and the Korean version of “Scream. She said that it was an “album with a lot of meaning” for her, adding that CEO Yang Hyun Suk specially changed the date of 2NE1’s album release for her birthday, calling it “romantic.”

Naturally, the topic of the big girl group match between 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation came up, and the girls revealed their thoughts with great care. Bom stated, “Honestly, I am looking forward to it,” while CL added, “It’s been called a war, but rather than that, I think we just have to focus on ourselves and work really hard.”

2NE1 will be kicking off their second world tour, “All or Nothing,” on March 1 at the Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium in Seoul. They will be holding 15 concerts in 12 cities, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Yokohama, and a total of 9 countries including Korea, Japan, and China.

2NE1’s second regular album, “Crush” (tracklist here) will be revealed on various online music sites on February 26 at 12:00 AM KST (technically February 27). The album will be released offline on March 7.


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