Soyu x Junggigo Earn Their Second Trophy on M! Countdown with “Some”

Just a day after taking home their first music show win on “Show Champion this week, Soyu x Junggigo walked away with their second trophy on Mnet’s M! Countdown.

Sistar‘s Soyu and Junggigo performed “Some,” their sweet, mid-tempo duet, which has been sitting on top of charts since its release. The duo were in matching colors of black, white and grey, with Soyu in a white shirt dress and black heels. They were up against SM The Ballad‘s “Breath,” but it was Soyu x Junggigo’s “Some” that was crowned the winner this week.

M! Countdown Number 1
Both Soyu and Junggigo thanked fans for their support via Twitter, with Junggigo commenting via his Twitter account that he did not know the encore performance would be broadcast, and worried that he turned out looking silly.

Here is their performance of “Some” below:

Soyu and Junggigo winning number 1: