Korea Communication Standards Commission Cautions “Reply 1994” For Cursing

The Korea Communication Standards Commission have been very busy lately. Only recently the commission called upon music show staff members to caution them against overtly sexy Girl Groups being allowed on air. This time the commission has its eye set on another culprit, last years smash hit drama series “Reply 1994,” issuing the show with a caution for cursing.

reply 1994

In a rather belated decision, the Korea Communication Standards Commission issued a caution towards tvN’s for “Reply 1994” during the KCSC’s general meeting held on February 20. The caution was issued for the show breaking Rule 90, Article 51 (Usage of Language on TV),  Clause 3, Section 2 (Acceptable Range). In simpler terms, the show aired a scene that showed the main cast swearing during a time slot that forbids such language being used (Handily called the Youth Safeguard Time Slot). People from the UK will be familiar with this concept, more commonly known over there as the “Watershed.”

As for the actual episode that caused this caution, the KSCS states that it was during Episode 5 when Sam Cheon Po (Played by Kim Sung Kyun) ate the snacks given to Yoon Jin (Played by Do Hee) by Seo Taji. The scene then involved Yoon Jin strangling Sam Cheon Po, threatening him with scissors and cursing liberally at him. The other scenes that also contributed to this caution include a scene from Episode 13, where Joon Jin once again strangled and swore at Sam Cheon Po when she didn’t get her scholarship. Finally there was Episode 16 where Trash (Played by Jung Woo) was fighting with Si Won (Played by Eun Ji) about the volume of a song being played on a bus.