Bae Doona Displays Unique Style in Hawaii for InStyle Pictorial

Actress Bae Doona was recently in the tropical islands of Hawaii for her photo shoot that will be featured in the March issue of InStyle magazine. The actress appears with short hair as she displays a unique style for the pictorial. The youthful beauty and smooth skin that are seen in the pictorial make it hard to believe that the actress is 36 years old (34 international age).

Bae Doona poses in a draping outfit that is tied up from the front.


The actress looks elegant in the diamond patterned dress.


The actress receives a kiss from a cute dolphin in Hawaii.


Bae Doona gives a fierce pose in a black outfit with surf boards in the background.


Bae Doona wears a unique long dress that touches the ground. 


In other news, the Bae Doona was recently on a date with British actor Jim Sturgess.