Lee Jong Suk Will Not Join “Running Man” Cast in Australia

This is going to be disappointing news for fans of actor Lee Jong Suk and the variety show “Runing Man“: the actor will not be able to attend the filming in Australia due to his sickness.

Last week it was announced that Lee Jong Suk, along with Kim Woo Bin and Rain, would be the guests on the upcoming special “Running Man” episode filmed in Australia. Right after, it was revealed that Lee Jong Suk had come down with the Swine Flu, and his attendance on the show was unclear. Now it seems that Lee Jong Suk did not fly out with the cast to Australia.

On February 22, Lee Jong Suk’s agency told Star News, “Lee Jong Suk had not fully recovered, so we decided not to participate in the special Australia episode of ‘Running Man’.”  The representative continued to explain that because Lee Jong Suk had been so busy lately, he had not been able to recover in time to leave with the cast for Australia. The agency reassured that the actor and the agency will be fully devoted in recovering from the sickness.

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