Orange Caramel Brainstorms “Catallena” with Comedians Kim Dae Sung and Jung Tae Ho

Previously, quirky and adorable Orange Caramel released a teaser image of their upcoming single, “Catallena,” which revealed comedian Kim Dae Sung (dressed in drag) as Catallena,

Today, the group has released a video that shows the members of Orange Caramel having an album production meeting with Kim Dae Sung and his fellow comedian Jung Tae Ho. Both of these comedians are famous for their skits in which they dress up as women on the sketch comedy show “Gag Concert.” In the meeting, the girls explain what “Catallena” stands for- a woman who is a bit picky but still lovable.

With the support of Jung Tae Ho and Kim Dae Sung, it remains to be seen what fun and unexpected concept Orange Caramel will be coming out with “Catallena.”