[Gallery] Honorary Ambassador SHINee Wants You to Visit Gangnam!

Gangnam is the one of Seoul’s most famous districts as a center of media, business, and culture. With its high rise buildings, fashionable young people, and contagious energy, it’s hard not to miss it when you are in visiting in Seoul. But SHINee is here to make that even harder. How can you not visit, when SHINee is oh so brightly leading you there?

SHINee was appointed an honorary ambassador of Gangnam today at its district office building. EXO will follow in two days, appointed as another honorary ambassador. SHINee and EXO were selected by Gangnam as representative Hallyu Stars. They are part of the district’s efforts to promote tourism. As of 2013, 50.8% of foreign tourists, approximately 5.1 million people, who visited Seoul visited Gangnam-gu. Through appointing representative Hallyu stars like SHINee and EXO, Gangnam-gu plans to attract even more foreign tourists. The goal is to reach 8 million tourists.

Will you be part of the 8 million?

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14_Group copy

SHINee receiving their appointment.

25_Group copy

JongKey stand out with their blond hair.

23_Group copy

Taemin keeps waving the flag, while Jonghyun knows exactly what the camera needs.

22_T copy

Stop waving the flag, Taemin!

20_Group Half copy

What is Key looking at?

21_M copy

How do you like Minho‘s new hairstyle?

17_M copy

Thankfully, Minho seems to have gained a little weight back. He was looking terribly gaunt while he was promoting “Everybody” and filming “Medical Top Team” at the same time.

13_O copy

Leader Onew doing his leader-ly duties.

3_O copy

Anyone order flawless skin?

2_JH copy

How many piercings does Jonghyun have?

6_K copy

Key’s eyebrows are starting to grow in.

11_K copy

His gaze looks very gentle.

9_T copy

Taemin was looking a little tired.

27_Group Half copy

Taemin is wearing contacts, right? His eyes are hypnotizing.

26_Group Half copy

Their smiles beckon you to Gangnam!

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