Spica’s Bohyung Reveals Her Weight, Delightfully Alarming Her Fellow Members

Spica’s Bohyung recently revealed her current and past weight with zero qualms whatsoever, at the delightful alarm of her fellow members. 

Spica members Joo Hyun, Narae, and Bohyung appeared on the March 1 episode of Y-Star’s “Gourmet Road.”

On the episode, when Kim Shin Young commented that Bohyung looks like she’s gotten much slimmer since her debut, Bohyung said, “Right now I’m 51 kg (approx. 112 lbs),” at which her fellow members Joo Hyun and Narae, nervous, explained that Bohyung was wearing heavy shoes and performance clothes at the time. But whether or not Bohyung knew how her members were feeling, she went on to reveal her weight at the time of her debut, as well. Cue members! Joo Hyun quickly explained again, “Bohyung has a lot of muscle,” making the set laugh for her nervous efforts.