“Toheart” Woohyun and Key Reinterpret the 80s in Concept Images and Confirm Album Release Date

We all know by now that SHINee‘s Key and Infinite‘s Woohyun have come together form a project group called “Toheart” to release an album by the same name. As same-age peers and close friends, there is a lot of expectation to see what synergy these two will bring together.

Previously, we were given a video prologue that showed the two as free-spirited youths enjoying fireworks at an old-fashioned diner. Now, concept photos have been released that show how these two modern men, according to their agency, can take fashion from the 80s and give it a trendy, fun feel. They also take a popular leisure activity of the 80s- roller-skating- and make it a fashion statement. It is said that Key and Woohyun worked hard to create a concept that their two respective groups have not shown before.

A rep of Toheart also announced that the duo will be releasing their album on March 10.

toheart 1