Lyn Releases MV Teaser for Title Track “Miss You…Crying” Featuring Model Lee Ho Jung

Singer Lyn has finally revealed a preview of her title track, “Miss You…Crying” off her new album, “Le Grand Bleu.”

“Le Grand Bleu” is a full-length album that has 13 tracks, including the pre-released “Breakable Heart” and “I Like This Song” from last year. The video below previews the album title track “Miss You…Crying,” which portrays the emotions of a woman after a breakup. The sad and lonely mood of the track and video contrasts sharply to the previously released teaser for another album track, “Backhug,” which was a happy and lovely song about romance

“Miss You…Crying” is composed by Kim Won, who also worked on the lyrics of the song with its singer, Lyn.

The female featured in the music is model Lee Ho Jung who previously received attention for her magazine spread with G-Dragon. She was also in K.Will‘s music video forYou Don’t Know Love,” acting alongside EXO‘s Chanyeol

“Le Grand Bleu” drops March 6.