Lee Na Young Receives Back Hug from Male Model

Various pictures of actress Lee Na Young receiving a back hug from a male model were released on March 5.

It turns out that the pictures are actually part of her pictorial for cosmetic brand Lancôme to celebrate White Day on March 14, an unofficial holiday observed in Korea where men who received chocolates on Valentine’s Day are expected to return the favor to women. Lee Na Young is currently the face of Lancôme in Korea.

In the pictures, both Lee Na Young and the male model, whose face remains hidden, have rings on their ring fingers. Lee Na Young has a confident smile on her face, while enveloped in the arms of the model.

Lee Na Young was picked to represent the brand in Korea in August 2013. She participated in Lancôme’s February pictorial to commemorate “International Women’s Day.”

Lee Na Young for Lancome
Lee Na Young for Lancome