Monsterz Releases a Butt/Pec Action-Filled Teaser for “All Ready, Go Lady”

Monsterz just recently released the teaser for their new digital single “All Ready, Go Lady,” produced by the popular duo of Goofy Park Sung Ho and OneTwo Oh Chang Hoon. 

In the video, we get a short taste of the energetic song and lyrics, the beat matched with silhouetted dancers and some advanced butt and pec action. One official said, “For this music video teaser, we had a fun concept in mind, and while we were aiming for a 19+ rating, we ended up with a 12+ rating.” 

Two of the members of the dance trio Monsterz, Um Moon Suk and Seo Young Mo, appeared on last year’s MnetDancing 9,” where they became known for their powerful performance and explosive dance abilities.

 “All Ready, Go Lady” Teaser

 Um Moon Suk on Dancing 9